4 Reasons You Should Use an Organic Weed Killer

4 reasons to use organic weed killers

Taking an Organic Approach

In recent years, we’ve seen a rising concern over how artificial chemicals in products can harm the environment and our health. There’s an increasing consciousness throughout the country regarding toxic chemicals and sustainability. Given this context, it is no surprise that more and more people are discovering the benefits and advantages of using organic weed killer products.

This revolution of thought has led to more and more organic products being introduced to the market. A lot of these products based on old ideas that are more appreciated nowadays.

Prior to this, most people would gladly go to their nearby home depot and head straight to the gardening department and walk out with a shopping bag full of chemical-based insecticides, fertilizers, weed killers, and fungicides. But that consciousness is changing. If it’s organic, we feel less guilty compared to opting for chemicals that contribute to environmental problems.

People understand that packing all those toxic chemicals onto their land can have both immediate and long-term effects. They start thinking about their children, they start thinking about their long-term health, and it’s no surprise that people are now buying more organic weed killer than before. The question is it the right move for you?

If you’re still on the fence and you’re not quite sure how to make sense of this increasing preference for organic weed killer products, please pay close attention to the following reasons why you should consider making the switch.

Organic Weed Killers are Non-Toxic

Let’s be clear here; the reason why you’re buying a weed killer is to kill weeds. It’s intended to kill weeds, but it is definitely not intended to harm you or your family.

Artificial herbicides contain harmful chemicals like glyphosate, a chemical that is known to cause cancer. These chemicals not only pose long term health risks to you through exposure but are also highly toxic. Children or animals exposed to these chemicals can become ill or worse.   

The natural ingredients found in organic weed killers don’t pose these health risks. Most organic products are pet and child-safe, making them safe to use around your home.  If you have small children or pets, then using an organic product can be a responsible choice to ensure their wellbeing.

All-Natural Ingredients

Now, this might seem funny to you, but try looking at a box of artificial herbicide and pronouncing the ingredients. You won’t be able to. A lot of them are very long, complex chemical names. The reason for this, of course, is that these chemical compounds have been added to and modified using all sorts of processes. Instead of just an easy to understand the compound name, all sorts of suffixes and prefixes have been added to the name to reflect the many different chemical modifications of the product involved.

You don’t have this mind-boggling complexity with an organic weed killer.

The first thing that you’d notice when you look at a box of an organic weed killer is that you can recognize most if not all of the ingredients. These formulas are made with extracts essential oils, citric acid extracted from orange peels, and concentrated vinegar.

This familiarity with the ingredients list of the typical organic weed killer gives a lot of backyard gardeners throughout the United States a tremendous amount of peace of mind. Choosing organic products may seem like a small thing, but there’s no such thing as a small step when you are trying to make a change.

There are even some guides online on how to make your own natural weed killers like this one here.

Organic Weed Killers are Biodegradable

This is the most significant selling point of organic weed killer products for a lot of small-time and backyard gardeners. Regardless of whatever may happen, they can at least count on the fact that the product that they buy to knockout weeds in their lot will breakdown into a chemical form that soil can safely absorb.

They’re not going to be dumping harsh chemicals into your yard or backyard garden lot only to have to live with long-term soil toxicity that can prevent plants from growing in an exposed area.

Compare this with highly toxic synthetic weed killer formulations made of petroleum—these artificial products can last a very long time because they don’t degrade very quickly. In many cases, they can stay locked into your soil for up to a decade. That simply spells bad news.

Sustainable Ingredients and Their Environmental Impact

Another selling point of organic weed killers is that they’re made with sustainable ingredients like plant extracts and vinegar. The active ingredients in organic weed killers are all derived from plants. It’s all-natural, and it’s sustainable because you can keep growing these crops over and over.

Artificial weed killers, on the other hand, are often based on non-sustainable resources like petroleum. Not only are these chemicals not sustainable resources, but the process of extracting and refining them is itself harmful to the environment causing pollution and wildlife loss due to the destruction of habitats. This makes organic gardening products healthier not just for your garden, but for the planet as a whole.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a sustainable, all-natural organic biodegradable product that doesn’t pose a risk to your health, there is no argument. You should seriously consider using natural organic weed killers.

When you’re growing fruits and vegetables in your garden, you have more reason to use organic weed killers. You know that ingesting chemicals is not good for your health, so why would you risk it with chemical weed killers?

If you care about the environment, you’ll know that organic products can make a change. Organic weed killers are good news for you and the environment. They are only bad news for weeds and companies that make dangerous chemical products.

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