The 5 Reasons Every Household Needs a Power Washer

Let’s face it if you ask the typical homeowner what kind of equipment their home needs, a power washer is probably not even going to show up in the top ten list much less their top five list. You’d probably get answers like a blender, a stove, a microwave, or a dryer and washer.

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It’s easy to think that the power washer has no place in the typical list of required household equipment. Still, when you look at cleaning outside the house, it’s an entirely different dynamic because when you’re cleaning inside the house most of the time, the places that you need to clean are well within reach. It doesn’t take much effort to clean these areas. You can easily see them. You can easily prepare for cleaning them.

You also need to watch the amount of water that you use. You don’t want to splash water all over your rug. As anybody who has ever cleaned a carpet or has had to live with moldy carpet would tell you, excess moisture can lead to smelly carpets.

It is no surprise then that when you ask a typical homeowner what kind of equipment they need for inside the home, the power washer is nowhere near the list. Well, you might want to think twice when it comes to cleaning outside your house.

A pressure washer is a great tool for reaching difficult to clean areas like the roof.

If you’re going to try to reach dirt up in the ceiling or near your roof or on a windowpane that’s near a ledge, all bets are off. It’s not like you could get a set of stairs and climb up there like Spiderman. It can get dangerous real fast.

No wonder a lot of homeowners are quickly discovering the distinctive comfort and convenience of using a power washer. Whether you are trying to wash down the dirt or any kind of built-in debris or a baked-on mud on your aluminum sidings or your plain concrete wall, a power washer would usually make quick work of that project.

But if you still need convincing, here are five reasons why your household should consider getting one of these power cleaning devices.

Extra Cleaning Power

A power washer is precisely that. It is a washer that is very powerful. It uses extra pressure to direct the water where it needs to go. This is awesome if you are dealing with baked-on mud.

There may be parts of your home’s exterior that has accumulated mud or debris over the years. At first, this debris is effortless to deal with because it only takes a hard rain to wash off that debris. The problem is if it gets muddy, but it doesn’t thoroughly wash out because there’s not enough rain.

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It can get harder and harder, especially with each passing hot summer. After enough drought or dry seasons, the mud that accumulated in certain parts of your home may be nearly impossible to get out. You can always roll up your sleeves, get up on a ladder and try to crawl to where the mud is, but this is not always accessible, nor is it always safe.

This is where a power washer comes in. You can reach almost out of reach places and deliver a tremendous amount of pressure to knock lose even the most stubborn baked-on mud. It doesn’t work 100% of the time, but having this option at your disposal gives you peace of mind when it comes to spring cleaning for both the interior and exterior of your home.

Extra Reach

When you have a tremendous amount of water going through a power washer, don’t be surprised that you’d be able to reach all sorts of places. These are places that you thought you would never reach in a million years with a ladder, and the best part is that you’re able to reach these areas and displace whatever dirt, debris, or nasty buildup you’re trying to take care of. You can do it conveniently, standing up from a safe distance.

You don’t even necessarily have to get soaked. A power washer delivers a tremendous amount of cleaning power from a very long distance. This extra reach is very much welcomed by many homeowners throughout the United States dealing with baked-on dirt and mud.

Solvent or Cleaning Solution Addition

If you’re dealing with a stubborn buildup on the exterior of your home, you can rest assured that you don’t just have to rely on plain water. You can connect your power washer to a cleaning solution that involves some sort of solvent or even grease cutter. The result is a blast of water that you would be able to direct from a long distance away with extra cleaning power. The solvent can dissolve all sorts of dirt, stains, and other debris in no time flat.

Clearing Leaves out of Your Gutter

Depending on where you live, autumn leaves can be a serious headache. They’re a headache when you can see them pile up on your roof. They’re also a cause for concern when they pile up in places you can’t see. I’m of course, talking about your storm drains and your rain gutters. Plenty of homes have suffered severe damage because the rain gutters just broke apart from the weight of accumulated leaves.

When you use a power washer, you dislodge all these leaves, and if you climb up a ladder and you use a power washer to clean out the rain gutters, you can help clear out this potential rain gutter destroying buildup.

Make Pesky Dirt or Mud Go Away Quickly

The bottom line when it comes to power washers, whatever dirt you’ve been struggling with for quite some time or whatever mud you may think is permanent on the exterior of your home; you can rest assured that a power washer will deliver some sort of result. It may not knock out all the dirt in one blow, but with repeated washings, you can rest assured that the problem will go away sooner rather than later.

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