The 5 Best Cordless Pole Saws

Are you surveying your yard and wondering what happened? It may be time to invest in a cordless pole saw to tame your jungle.

No one likes an unsightly yard, but with a cord-free pole saw, it does not need to be a Herculean task. Whether it is woody undergrowth or out of control trees, an extendable pole saw will let you bring order to the yard.

The Five Best Cordless Pole Saws We Reviewed

Why Purchase a Cordless Pole Saw?

You can save yourself a heap of cash on a landscaping crew by cutting branches and pruning yourself. Thanks to ergonomics and careful design, battery-powered pole saws are easy and comfortable to use. They will tackle thick tree branches and get your average backyard licked into shape in no time.

As they use rechargeable batteries, cordless pole saws are quiet and kinder to the environment than their gas-powered equivalents.

But switching from gasoline to electricity is not at the expense of power or performance. For the best battery-powered pole saws today are equally as powerful and capable as gas-burners. There is no great trade-off for switching to electric.

With no need to mix the oil and gas, set spark plugs, and carry out routine maintenance, you will find a cord-free pole saw much less hassle to own.

About Our List

To make things simpler, we have reviewed the most dependable cord-free pole saws for 2020.

We have examined the market and identified five of the best models. We have considered several factors, including reliability, cost, ease of use, power, and overall effectiveness.

Reviews of the Top Cordless Pole Saws


  • Eight-inch bar and chain
  • Easy-adjust chain tensioning
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Easy read oil level indicator
  • Extends to eight feet
  • Long run time

The 40V battery means there’s no messing about with gasoline, pull cords, and spark plugs. The long-life battery is also compatible with GreenWorks’ existing 40V charging system. Good news if you already own other Greenworks power tools.

What you will like

This Greenworks model is ideal for general maintenance and storm damage. The extendible three-piece aluminum shaft means that few branches will be out of reach. Fully extended, you have an extra eight feet of height to play with. Plus your height, so you could, in theory, get at branches 15 feet off the ground. It’s unlikely you will need to climb into a tree to cut it down to size.

At just 7.8 lbs, the Greenworks PS40B210 is lightweight but packs a hefty punch. It’s well balanced, too, and features molded grips for comfort. Thanks to engineering foresight, this model is simple to use. You won’t become as fatigued as you would with a gasoline-burning saw. This machine is also quiet compared to its gas-powered counterparts. And starts and stops at the press of a button.

Real talk

While light, well-balanced, and easy to use, some ergonomics let down this winning package. The safety button is awkward to reach. This may be deliberate to prevent accidents, of course. Plus, the battery isn’t the easiest to remove.

There have also been reported problems a few years ago with broken motor brackets. However, the four-year warranty will cover you for a replacement part should this design flaw occur.

Also being raised is the location of the chain tensioning screw. It is located very close to the bar, making adjustments awkward.

Despite these small problems, it’s a solid piece of equipment. Most buyers are happy with this capable saw.


  • Consistent power via a 40V l
  • Push-button start
  • 8-inch bar cutting head
  • Comfortable to use
  • Extends to 10 feet
  • Quiet with low vibration

The battery (not included) produces reliable power. You will be out of juice before the saw. With a telescopic arm, you can tackle almost any job in the garden. As there is zero vibration, you’re unlikely to get readily fatigued.

What you will like

The instant start means you can get to work straight away. Despite weighing in at 13.5 lbs, this model is surprisingly comfortable to use. The shoulder strap and well-thought-out ergonomics help prevent fatigue. The sensible mid-mounting of the motor makes the Oregon well-balanced, too.

Real talk

The battery gets a thumbs up for how long it runs on a single charge. Also, the chain is super fast and aggressive. You’re unlikely to meet its match in your average backyard. It’s robust and well made. The performance will easily match that of a gas-powered pole saw.


  • Extends up to 12 feet
  • Weighs 10 lbs
  • Runs off a 20V battery
  • Fast, powerful cutting chain
  • Battery compatible with Worx’s other tool chargers
  • Automatic chain tensioning
  • Automatic chain lubrication

This Worx equipment is a safe way to keep your trees and bushes in check. You won’t need a ladder with this pole saw. Despite the 12 foot reach, this saw is remarkably compact and lightweight. It’s a versatile act too. The chainsaw completely detaches from the pole, a boon when you are working at ground level. Thanks to the ergonomic design, you won’t tire quickly and be able to work longer without straining your back, arms, legs, or hands.

What you will like

You will love the modern ease of operation. You don’t need any tools, and there’s no gasoline and oil to mix. The ability to switch the battery from the chainsaw to the pole is a great idea. In essence, you are getting two tools in one; a chainsaw for groundwork and an extending pole saw for lopping off high branches.

The automatic tensioning and lubrication also means this piece of kit is operating at peak performance all the time. The batteries used are identical to those used in Worx lawn mowers and the Jawsaw. So, plenty of power is on hand at the touch of a button.

Talking of buttons, you will be delighted by the easy to reach on/off button located on the pole. This switch means you don’t need to raise and lower the saw to shut it off.

Real talk

The chain speed is not class-setting, but this is a good thing. It allows more control over the cut. It is competitively priced, but consider upgrading to a more powerful battery to extend the run time


  • Extends to 10 feet
  • Good cutting grips
  • 8-inch low recoil bar and chain
  • Lubes automatically
  • Estimated 96 cuts on one charge
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Bucking strip with tree hook for easy removal of branches

You can tackle anything your yard throws at you with this yellow and black beauty. The efficient brushless motor delivers a creditable run time. Plus, a hook and bucking strip ensure you can remove even the most inaccessible branches. DEWALT is a prominent international brand name and doesn’t disappoint with this piece of cutting equipment.

What you will like

The DEWALT feels sturdy as you would expect from this brand. At 15 lbs. it is not feather-light but gives you confidence that it can take everything in its stride. It works well, cutting through branches quickly and with ease.

The battery and chain are supplied. All you are required to buy is the chain oil. Top up, and the oiling is taken care of automatically. Monitoring the oil level regularly is all you’re required to do. Checking is super easy as the oil tank is translucent.

If you are already a fan of DEWALT products, you are going to like this too.

Real talk

Not all the pole sections are not detachable. This makes the DEWALT cumbersome for ground-level pruning. This product is firmly aimed at cutting branches at height. At full reach, the pole is 10 feet.

The chain, as you would expect from DEWALT, is sturdy and as hard as nails. It is built to last for sure. You can be sure it is durable and will have a long working life.

Users report that the MAX XR Pole Saw is an impressive and powerful piece of kit that can take out almost anything you care to show it. Battery life is outstanding.

One point that has been raised occasionally is the location of the safety trigger. It’s a little challenging to start with, but you soon get used to it. Also, heads-up worthy is vibrations loosening the connector between the extensions. This is understandable but not a deal-breaker by any means.


  • Cordless battery power
  • Capable of around 100 cuts without recharging
  • Cutting speed of 375 rpm
  • 8-inch cutting bar and chain
  • Supplied with a powerful 20V battery and charger

This BLACK+DECKER tool is custom-designed for pruning tree branches at up to 14 foot high. The 20V battery is high capacity and offers a good run time. The powerhead is inline to allow greater visibility when cutting overhead and easier maneuverability. Meanwhile, the bar and chain combo can take out branches of up to a diameter of six inches. The entire unit disassembles for easy transportation. BLACK+DECKER has been around forever, so you can trust its proven track record as a big name brand.

What you will like

Weighing in at just 10.4 lbs, this power saw is light but sturdy. This BLACK+DECKER could not be described as heavy-duty but is capable of most jobs around the yard and garden. Thanks to the lightweight construction, it is simple to maneuver at height without placing excessive strain on the operator. A nice touch is the supplied wrench and a bottle of blade oil. The unit, unsurprisingly perhaps, comes highly recommended on Amazon.

The battery runtime is more than adequate for your average yard work, so long as you start with a full charge.

Real talk

There’s no auto tensioning of the chain. Therefore, you have to stop occasionally to adjust the chain manually, mainly when it is new. This is what the supplied wrench is for. There is always a degree of ‘stretch’ with a new chain. Don’t be surprised if the chain falls off a few times at first use. This is normal, though. You will soon get an instinct for the correct tension through use. Chain oiling is manual too.

A sure indicator that the battery charge is getting low is repeated stoppages. A spare battery is a good idea if you have a lot of wood to cut. Typically, the battery takes between two to six hours to charge.


What are cordless pole saws?

They are battery-powered saws on extending poles for pruning and cutting branches at height. But you can also use them at ground level for dealing with thick, unruly undergrowth.

What is the most reliable cordless power saw?

We have thoroughly evaluated the best five for 2020 for you right here. Thanks to our pole saw review, you can purchase with confidence, knowing you have the best tool for the job.

Is a 20V battery adequate?

Yes, for most yard work. But a bigger battery – a 40V – will give you a longer run time. However, always check with the manufacturer specification details before upgrading to a more powerful battery. A bigger battery may not be compatible, and using it could well void your warranty. So always check first. If it’s possible to upgrade to a larger power pack, the manufacturer will generally stock them as an upgrade option.


Cord-free pole saws are easy to use, quiet, and don’t vibrate as much as a gas-powered tool. These pole saws we have reviewed are more than capable of dealing with yard work. If you want the power of gasoline but without the noise, vibration, fumes, and maintenance requirements, then it is time to go cord-free and battery-powered.

Very few, if any, of the online customer reviews state that the user regrets going cordless. For all but the toughest of jobs, a cord-free saw is more than adequate. Wave goodbye to gasoline.

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