The Best Cordless Snow Blowers

Winter is on its way. Right about now, you are thinking about snow, snow shovels, and clearing paths. And wondering, perhaps, if your gas snow blower can be persuaded back to life after sitting idle for months.

However, the simplest solution to keep you, your family, and visitors safe this winter is a cordless snow blower. 

To help you hunt down precisely the right battery-powered snowblower, dive into our 2020 review guide below. We have carefully evaluated what is currently available in the market and whittled it down to a shortlist of five.

Live in an area with heavy snowfall? We have a list of the best snow blowers for clearing wet, heavy snow.

The Top 5 Cordless Snow Blowers

We have considered several important factors to arrive at our top five, including battery power, run time, charging times, reliability, and overall spec.

However, we haven’t ranked them as such as they are all quite different in size and do very different jobs. You don’t necessarily need a 20-inch clearing width if your property is relatively small or if you have issues with storage space, for example. We have presented a comprehensive list from which everyone can find a snow blower that suits them.

Top 5 Best Cordless Snow Blower Reviews


  • Battery-powered with around 45 minutes run time
  • Superior 80V 2.0Ah battery performance
  • Quiet motor
  • Maintenance-free
  • Clears a path 20 inches wide
  • Removes snow up to 10 inches deep
  • Chute rotates through 180 degrees

The powerful 80V battery makes short work of snow clearing: providing excellent run time and easily maneuverable on its six-inch rear wheels. The 20-inch wide auger is ideal for clearing driveways, paths, patios, and walkways. 

As the motor is digitally controlled, it provides greater torque, longer run-times, increased motor longevity, and very quiet noise levels.

What you will like

There’s a four-year warranty on the blower and a two-year guarantee on the battery and charger. It will take around 30 and 60 minutes to recharge from flat.

This snow blower feels robust and is amazingly durable. You love its ruggedness. And it’s a joy to use. At just 33 lbs, most people will be able to operate this snow thrower without any trouble, no matter their strength levels. 

The lightweight design is thanks, in part, to the auger being plastic. But do not let this put you off – it’s durable and will stay the course. Even hitting a few rocks won’t faze it too much.

Real talk

Always store the battery at room temperature to ensure the blower starts when you need to use it. Depending on the level of charge and snow conditions, a single charge should be good for around 45 minutes of continuous use, long enough if it’s sub-zero outside.

If the snow thrower will not start, it is probably due to the battery being cold. The fix is to remove it and let the battery warm up indoors for at least ten minutes before trying again.


  • Powered by two 56V batteries
  • Clearing width 21-inches
  • Can throw snow 35 feet maximum
  • Easy push start
  • Very efficient motor
  • Electric button push start

The manufacturer claims this snow blower is as powerful as a gas-powered blower. Its two chunky 56V batteries give it enough juice to shift even the heaviest snowfall. This ability is down to Peak Power technology that combines any pair of ARC Lithium batteries for great results. Whatever your local snow plow leaves in its wake can be tackled by this mighty snowblower.

The auger is speed-adjustable to determine how far the snow is thrown. Depending on how heavy and wet the snow is, you can expect this blower to chuck snow a good 30-35 feet. More than enough for most people, we should think.

What you will like

While it weighs 51 lbs, this model feels surprisingly light and easy to maneuver. These two characteristics make it feel nimble even in the tightest of spots. The charge is also sufficient enough to chew up and spit out most snowfalls. It doesn’t leave anything behind.

Real talk

On a full charge, you should obtain around 45 minutes of run-time. Plenty enough when it’s that cold outside. Charging is fast, around 40 minutes or so after you first juice up the battery from new. However, always confirm with the seller that it comes with the battery and charger included. 

If the price seems a bit cheaper than elsewhere, not supplying the battery and charger may explain the cost difference. The option is to acknowledge that some buyers may already own EGO products with compatible batteries.

The price tag is not light, but it’s worth the outlay. You are unlikely to get 35 feet of throwing distance if the snow is very wet.


  • Self-propelled
  • Two-stage blower
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery
  • Four speed settings
  • Illuminated LED displays
  • Digitally controlled drive system
  • 24-inch cutting path
  • Will move up to 1000 pounds of snow per minute
  • Steel auger

A new addition to Snow Joe’s iON range, this two-stage model is powered by a mighty ground-breaking 80V power plant. The 2500W motor is more than a match for Mother Nature when it comes to snow clearing. You will easily get a solid 30 minutes of running from a single charge.

What you will like

You’ll love the push-start convenience and digital displays to show how much charge you have left, among other things.

The 24-inch clearing path is among the widest on the market. This supersize footprint of this steel-augered blower will make short work of even the longest of driveways. Plus, there’s a scraper bar to ensure you don’t damage your driveway or decking.

A nice touch that you will appreciate is the twin LED headlamps so you are able to snow clear at night. Handy as snowfalls are not restricted to the weekend, right? Or when there’s no wind to whip it into a drift.

The neatly balanced power to run-time ratio helps make mincemeat of snow even when winter throws its worst at you. This is reassuring when you are time-poor.

You will also love the wide, grippy TracAssist tires that provide maximum grip even in the most challenging of snow conditions.

Real talk

Remarkable performance even on the longest of driveways. It’s not perfect, but you will prefer it much more than your old noisy gas-powered blower. This Snow Joe works well and will prove a great investment for most people.

On the downside, the battery charger could be faster, so you may wish to invest in a spare set of batteries.

The electrically-operated chute is controlled by a button that is covered. It can prove awkward, especially while wearing gloves to flip the cover up. No one saw that coming, evidently.

Product spec:

  • 32 lbs. lightweight design
  • 40V battery-powered
  • Around 50 minutes continuous use
  • 18-inch wide clearing path
  • Adjustable chute
  • Will throw snow about 20 feet
  • Very quiet operation

Virtually silent running snowblower that cuts the mustard on driveways, decks, and sidewalks. Its ergonomic design and adjustability ensure maximum user comfort. Being only 32 lbs, this new Snow Joe model is easy to operate and move around onto elevated decking. 

Cutting the cord, metaphorically-speaking, to your power outlet could not be easier. The 40-volt battery system is currently patent-pending. So you get cutting edge technology and zero emissions in one snow clearing package.

What you will like

This lightweight battery-operated blower is suitable for near-silent run time of about 50 minutes. The rubber scraper bar ensures you stay clear of the ground and avoid causing damage to walkways or decking. A great idea as you will be shifting up to 495 lbs. of snow to a depth of eight inches.

Thanks to the cord-free technology, there are no cords to pull, oil and gas mixing, routine tune-ups, or extension cord tangles. You will seriously wonder why you don’t convert to cord-free sooner. Snow days will no longer seem to be the daunting challenge they usually do.

Real talk

This snow blower does not arrive assembled, so you will have to do that yourself. It’s not a biggie, though. The blower will go together in a matter of minutes. If you are unsure, there’s a Snow Joe video on YouTube taking you through the assembly process step-by-step.

The auger and snow chute may occasionally get clogged up if you push this blower too hard. Not a big hassle, though. As snowblowers go, this is quiet, environmentally-friendly, and way better than a back-breaking snow shovel. You may even wish to do the neighbors driveway just for the fun of it.


  • Powerful 40V motor
  • Eight-inch clearing width
  • 18-inch clearing width
  • 12-inch clearing depth
  • Removes 500 lbs. of snow per minute
  • Rotating 180-degree chute
  • 30-foot snow throw
  • LED headlamps

Quiet and green. What’s not to love?

This Earthwise blower will transform your world by shifting snow to wherever you want it to be. The combination of 40-volt motor and supplied 4Ah battery is more than capable of all your snow jobs with the minimum of fuss. Like their other products, this Earthwise blower is specially designed to be low maintenance to help you save your hard-earned cash.

What you will like

Earthwise has been producing gardening equipment for more than a century. Today, it is one of the leading planet-conscious gardening brands committed to reducing gardening’s carbon footprint and fostering a greener environment.

And a quieter one too. The almost silent running of this blower is in stark contrast to loud and brash gas-powered snow blowers. It gets the job done without drama at the push of a button. Driveways, pavement, sidewalks, and decks are no challenge to this capable machine.

The snow chute is manually operated and swivels through 180 degrees. You can dump exactly in the right spot whenever you change direction. It is also less annoying than many electrically-operated chutes, which have a tricky button cover to flip up first.

Suppose you have a sizable area to cover. In that case, you will appreciate the comfy hand grips and wide tires that provide excellent traction.

Real talk

Despite its inexpensive price tag, this blowing machine feels well built. One small downside is the wheels. They are a little too small and can get bogged down in wet snow. Assembly is straightforward.

Battery charging time is just 2.5 hours if you don’t want to fork out for a spare battery to swap.


Does PAM work on a snowblower?

Yes. A little spray of PAM cooking oil will stop snow from blocking your snowblower. Many people spray it on the snow chute. However, it does attract dirt and debris, so you should always clean it off after use.

What are the top 5 snow blowers?

See our review, where we list our five must-have snow blowers for the 2020 season. See, at a glance, the model that will suit your needs best.

Why does my snowblower only throw a short distance?

This occurs if the snow is wet and very heavy. It could also have become partially blocked. In normal snow conditions, you should be able to get close to the manufacturer’s estimated snow throwing distance.


As snow is unpredictable and can fall very quickly, you want to be sure that your property is snow-free and not treacherous underfoot. It’s all too easy for a simple fall to result in injury or broken bones, particularly for our seniors. To rest easy, you will wish to have a reliable and fast way to clear paths, driveways, patios, and decking.

While gasoline-burning snow blowers may have been the tool of choice for generations, that is no longer the case. Today’s cord-free battery-powered snow blowers are more than a match for most snowfall.  

Most cord-free snowblowers today are as good as gas-powered machines. They are worthy replacements to climate-killing gas guzzlers and a whole lot quieter too.

Cordless blowers are way less annoying – and less likely to get tangled – than corded ones you need to plug into a power outlet. There’s no longer any compelling arguments not to go cord-free.

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