5 Best Electric Snow Shovels

Winter is on its way and right about now, you are thinking about snow, snow shovels, and clearing paths. This year instead of straining yourself with a regular snow shovel, invest in an electric snow shovel that’s self-propelled and simple to use.

The best electric snow shovels are relatively lightweight compared to snow blowers and far easier to control. Without a doubt, they do a snow clearing job as well, if not better at only a fraction of the cost. Choosing the best electric snow shovel can be difficult though as the electric snow shovel marketplace is a crowded place.

That’s why we have done the legwork for you and in this article, we present our top five snow shovels for 2020. We evaluated each using the same strict criteria: ease of use, maneuverability, weight, snow clearing capability, battery power, battery charging times, and operational runtime.

Our Top Five Electric Snow Shovels

Whether you live in the Snow Belt or get the occasional winter flurry of snow, one thing rings true. You want to be sure you and others can walk around unhindered in safety. It is far safer – and cheaper – to deal with snow promptly. The alternative could quite easily be broken bones and eye-watering medical bills. Nobody wants that.

Snow shovels are the Swiss Army knife of snow clearing equipment. They are small and compact. They’re able to get into tight spaces. But, they are equally at home blitzing walkways as parking lots and driveways.

Top Electric Snow Shovel Reviews

Product Specs:

  • Powerful 400 W rated motor
  • Powered by a 24V rechargeable battery
  • Battery included
  • Up to 22 minutes of whisper level runtime
  • Covered by a two-year warranty

At just 15 lbs in weight, this lightweight snow shovel is great for fast and quick no-fuss snow clearing. It will quickly shift up to 1620 pounds of snow on a single charge. A two-blade auger cut a swathe through the snow to carve out a path 13 inches wide by six inches deep. Snow will get thrown up to 20 feet for your maximum convenience.

Overall it’s an excellent snow shovel for smaller properties with narrow paths and the like.

What you will like

The battery life is remarkably good. Indeed good enough for your average patio, deck, and driveway. You will also like the lightweight design, which makes this model super maneuverable. The rubber auger is tough and gets the job done without causing any damage. It’s easy to store, too, and won’t take up as much room as other snow clearing tools. 

While Snow Joe plays it conservative, quoting 22 minutes of runtime. User reviews claim to get up to 40 minutes. However, this depends on the snowfall and its heaviness.

Real talk

This machine is designed for operating in tight spaces and is much easier to use than bigger snow clearing equipment. Battery charging is very slow, like up to five hours. So a spare battery is probably a good idea. Battery life, of course, is dependent on use.

This Snow Joe appears to be squarely aimed at lighter, drier snow. Not the heavy wet stuff. If you live deep in snow belt territory, you may find this Snow Joe a little disappointing.

Product specs:

  • Cord-free easy snow pick up
  • Ideal for steps, decks, sidewalks, and patios
  • 24V battery
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Around 25 minutes of runtime
  • 10-inch clearing path
  • 6-inch clearing depth

Snow Joe hails this model as the ultimate grab-and-go snow buster. Weighing in at less than 13 pounds, anybody can use this little cord-free snow shovel with ease. Despite its modest dimensions, this Snow Joe can blast away 560 pounds of the white stuff on a single charge. 

It’s ideal for properties with narrow walkways that would defeat a bigger machine. You are unlikely to need a regular shovel to clear bits that got missed.

What you will like

It’s a lightweight snow clearing solution that’s a breeze to operate. With twin hand grips, there’s no need to strain or bend your back while declaring war on your snow. The ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort and ease of operation for the user. 

You will also love its go-anywhere attitude. Being relatively diminutive compared to others on the market, the SS10 can tackle those difficult to reach areas. You will no longer have to clear accident hotspots such as steps and decking by hand. Do not be concerned by its size; it’s the real deal, not a toy. Guaranteed, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Real talk

There’s no adjustable snow chute; the SS-10 chucks snow straight ahead. Factor this in before you start snow clearing. And remember to stay upwind, or you will likely be eating snow.

The height of this snow shovel may be an issue for some people. Tall folks are saying they feel a little too hunched when using it.

The battery comes charged out of the box so you can get snow clearing as soon as it arrives. Overall, this little beauty punches well above its weight.

Product Specs:

  • Robust 40V electric motor
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery
  • Shifts 300 lbs of snow in a minute
  • 16-inch clearing path
  • 8-inch clearing depth
  • Throws up to 32 feet
  • Dual LED spotlights
  • Ergonomic design

This is a great snow shovel/thrower from the planet-friendly Earthwise company. Powered by a 40Ah battery, this snow buster will quickly become your trustworthy outdoor companion in the long winter months. It is quiet and works efficiently to get on with the job of snow clearing around your home. Bright LEDs mean you can tackle the snow at night.

What you will like

If you have awkward paths and walkways to clear, you will appreciate its go-anywhere attitude. Likewise, this model features a snow chute that’s easily adjustable through 180-degrees. Getting the snow to the place you want it to be could not be simpler. At just 19 pounds, this Earthwise snow shovel is highly maneuverable and fitted with chunky six-inch rear wheels for maximum grip.

If you have any questions, Earthwise’s team of friendly customer support agents are just a phone call away.

Real talk

For the price, it’s a good product. Even seniors find little problems dealing with their snow. The battery charger is pretty fast at about three hours from flat. Runtime is a very respectable 40 to 60 minutes of stop/start usage. In that time, you should be able to cover around 2500 square feet of driveway, sidewalk, etc.

Some reviews have it that the battery does not lock in place properly. However, this is incorrect. The battery has to be pushed in until the latches click into place. It won’t move then.

Product Specs:

  • Corded electric
  • 8 amp motor
  • Electric push-button starting
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to handle
  • Clears a maximum of 300 pounds on snow every minute

Greenworks’ plug-and-play snow shovel is ideal for those troublesome tight spots that are awkward to clear. Being a corded model, there’s no need to charge batteries. Or run out of juice before you are finished. With a 12-inch clearing width, this machine is readily able to get to grips with snowfalls.

What you will like

At 14 pounds, this snow shovel is easy to operate. The heavy-duty plastic auger won’t damage the decking. It’s the real McCoy and able to tackle even wet snow. The 8 amp motor may sound a little puny, but it packs a surprising punch. It will deal with almost anything Mother Nature can dump on you this winter. As well as decking and hard surfaces like pathways and so on, this Greenworks machine can clear grassy areas. However, do not use it on gravel as this will damage the unit. And anything else in the vicinity of the snow you are throwing.

Real talk

At the price point, it is a great deal for what you are getting. For most people wishing to make paths and decking safe underfoot, it is ideal. However, you may have to set your expectations accordingly. It won’t do the job of a $600 snow shovel. For most people, though, it’s probably an adequate enough solution to replace the back-breaking chore that is a regular snow shovel.

Product Specs:

  • 45-minute runtime
  • 82V battery-powered (not included)
  • Good motor weight distribution
  • 12-inch clearing width
  • 4-inch snow clearing depth
  • 20-feet throwing distance
  • Ergonomic grip for extra comfort

The snow shovel is powered by a top-quality Briggs & Stratton Li-ion battery. This unit will let you quickly get rid of light snowfalls from around your property’s hard surfaces. A run time of 45 minutes is achievable from a fully charged battery. There’s very little maintenance to worry about too. And it is easy to start and operate with no trailing cord to get entangled. Note that the battery and charger may be sold separately.

What you will like

As the motor is located at the bottom of the unit, the snow shovel feels exceptionally well-balanced and comfortable to guide. You will also appreciate the metal battery release button. Unlike other models, this one is not awkward to fit or release. 

The rubber handle is another winning feature. The ergonomic design drastically reduces strain on the user, making snow clearing more comfortable. You will find the highly efficient 1000W motor will cut through the snow with few problems.

Real talk

Be aware that this snow shovel does not have a snow chute. It will only throw snow in one direction, forwards. So your plan of attack should be carefully thought out in advance. Otherwise, you are going to give yourself more work.

According to Briggs & Stratton, their 82V battery will recharge in 30 minutes. This time is superfast compared to equivalent snow shovel models on the market. Check the deal before you buy it. Some retailers supply this snow shovel with a battery and charger. Others don’t. If the price is lower, double-check what’s included.

At just shy of 20 pounds, this Snapper is on the chunky side with the battery fitted in place. You may wish to slide it rather than lift it to reposition this unit. Overall, though, this is an excellent addition to your power tool collection. They are much less hassle and easier to use than a gasoline-powered alternative.


What is the difference between a snow shovel and a snow scoop?

Nothing. They are pretty much the same tool designed to lift snow, a little like a vacuum, and throw it somewhere else—they both clear paths, walkways, patios, decks, and sidewalks. Snow shovels are also called sled or sleigh shovels.

What are the best times to start snow clearing?

Primetime for snow clearing is typically between the hours of 6 am and 10 am. It’s also weather-dependent. If there are only a few inches deposited, you should start clearing before it gets deeper. If it is really wild weather outside, wait for the snowstorm to pass. You can then clear the snow away in layers.

Is snow shoveling unhealthy?

It can be strenuous exercise without using a self-propelled snow shovel. So consider this factor along with the weather and the temperature outside. Dress appropriately and be careful in the snow. You are trying to make your property safe, not have an accident.


Electric snow shovels are the effortless alternative to the tiring chore of using a standard human-powered snow shovel. Today’s battery-powered and corded snow shovels are up to the job. 

Read our 2020 snow shovel review carefully to find the model that most closely matches your needs. Gasoline power is not the only act in town today. Times have changed. Rechargeable batteries are the new black when it comes to dealing with the white stuff.

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