5 Best Snow Blowers for Wet Snow

The bane of living in a high snowfall area is the heavy, wet snow that can quickly accumulate. Ask any snowblower owner, and they will all respond that this type of slushy, wet snow is a major headache.

If you’re looking for a beast of a machine to tackle lake-effect snow then this is the list we built with you in mind. Each of these snow blowers is a powerful option for clearing your property after the heaviest blizzards.

If you live in an area that experiences lighter snowfall then you don’t need this level of power, consider checking out our guide to the best electric snow shovels instead.

The Top 5 Snow Blowers for Wet Snow

The Importance of Having the Right Snowblower

How much snow can snow blowers and snow throwers clear?

It’s crucial to ensure you are buying the right snowblower. It is, after all, a significant investment. And one that you will be using for years to come. So that’s why it’s essential you buy a powerful snow blower that can cut through wet snow like a hot knife. And chuck it exactly where you want it to be into the bargain.

Against this background, the worst possible course of action is to try and save a few bucks. The likely outcome is you will have spent almost as much for a snowblower not up to the job. You will have thrown away good money and still be left to hand shovel away.

And if you are no spring chicken, snow shoveling by hand is one of the most dangerous activities you can do this winter. It’s believed that around 100 people die each year in the USA due to snow shoveling. Tens of thousands more are admitted to the ER with chest pain and heart complications.

According to the Harvard Medical School blog, a Canadian study between 1981 and 2014 found a 16% increase in hospital admissions on days with eight inches or more snow. The deeper the snow, the more people, usually men, died.

The longer it snowed, the higher the level of heart attacks and deaths. Curiously, perhaps, the same effect between snowfall and heart attacks was not seen among women.

To help you avoid extortionate medical bills, we have compiled a 2020 review of the very best snow blowers for wet snow. They have been specifically chosen for their ability to lift heavy, wet snow. The other criteria we measure them by were –

  • reliability
  • ease of starting
  • power
  • the width of snow clearing
  • maneuverability
  • engine size/battery capacity
  • and length of warranty.

We are confident the criteria we adopted for this snow blower guide approximate what you would adopt. Please read on to discover our top five wet snow blowers and be armed with the knowledge to make an informed purchasing decision.

Top 5 Snow Blower for Wet Snow Reviews

Product Specs:

  • Gas-powered
  • 208cc engine
  • 3 horsepower
  • Electric start
  • 24-inch snow clearing path
  • Adjustable snow chute
  • Five-year engine warranty

Husqvarna’s snow thrower features power steering to make it ultra-maneuverable. This machine will blow winter away, taking on snow to a depth of 12 inches. The powerful engine and high-performance augers will make light work of even the heaviest of winter snowfalls. Fifteen-inch tires and a 2.7-liter gas tank lets you continue uninterrupted until the work is done.

What you will like

One feature you will adore is the heated handle grips. Comfort and ease of use have been featured as the top priorities here with this snowblower. But you won’t be shortchanged by the performance either. It is efficient and does an excellent job of snow shifting.

If you have avoided gas-powered snowblowers because of the pull cord start, worry no more. This snowblower is an electric start. Ingeniously, it does not use a conventional battery that could go flat during a long summer layoff. Instead, you plug this machine into a regular power outlet and press a button. It starts on the button the first time. Genius.

Real talk

It’s not a light snowblower. You will need a degree of upper body strength to reposition. The power steering is a huge bonus, though.

The Husqvarna starts and runs well. It chews through snow without hesitation, even where drifts have started to accumulate.

If you have been shoveling by hand previously, this snowblower will dramatically cut that time. This machine’s performance is impressive and will tackle heavy wet snow with little fuss.

Other than that, there are very few minus points, none of which are showstoppers.

Product Specs:

  • Gas-powered
  • 250cc engine
  • Electric start
  • 27-inch snow clearing width
  • 200-degree snow chute rotation
  • Three-year warranty

Briggs&Stratton have been around forever; it seems. And this long heritage shines through in this dual-stage snow thrower. Boasting a 250cc engine that produces almost 12 ft-lbs of torque, this snow blower will power through heavier snowfalls without problems. The push-button start allows you to unleash the five forward and two reverse gears quickly.

What you will like

Where to start? The electric start takes out the muscle power required for a pull cord, for starters (pun intended). Then there’s the overall performance. 

Suppose you have a large property with numerous paths, walkways, and driveway to clear. In that case, you will doubtlessly appreciate the 27-inch snow clearing path—ruthless efficiency springs to one’s mind when weighing up this snowblower’s snow shifting ability. 

The one-hand operation is a great touch too and eliminates one of the perennial bugbears of snowblower operation.

Real talk

Despite its longevity, there have been some disappointing reports of Briggs&Stratton being a little sticky with their warranty and parts availability. 

Another issue with this machine is the number of shear bolts it gets through. Shear bolts are there to save the auger from damage. But the sheer number of shear bolts shearing seems excessive to some users. However, this could be down to careless use, of course.

The engine runs sweetly and can chuck snow twenty feet or more.

When it arrives, the assembly is straightforward for even those with fists of ham.

Product Specifications:

  • Battery-powered
  • Self-propelled two-stage snowblower
  • Four-speed digital drive system
  • 24-inch snow clearing path
  • 13-inch snow clearing depth
  • LED control dials
  • Shifts up to 1000 pounds of snow every minute
  • 180-degree rotatable snow chute

A big name in the snow clearance world, this Snow Joe machine is hailed by the maker as a ‘force of nature.’ An 80V power plant married to a 2500W motor ensures this snow blower can take on the worst of winter weather. The no-fade power driving this snow blower gives you 30 minutes of snow-clearing runtime, without gas or pull cords. 

Given its 24-inch width and 13-inch depth, it will shred and remove vast amounts of snow in just one pass.

What you will like

The performance and the convenience of rechargeable battery power are the headline acts here. And as ever, this Snow Joe is covered by the company’s no-quibble two-year warranty.

Upgrade to the 6Ah battery, and you will get up to 40 minutes of battery life over the standard half-hour. This iON range flagship comes with two of the regular 5Ah batteries included. It’s the only one of the range to feature an all-steel auger.

Real talk

It’s easy to handle and zero emissions. And, according to old-timers themselves, easy to operate and move around efficiently.

If you have only ever used gas-powered snow blowers, you will be impressed by how much of a beast this battery-powered is.

The skids are simple to height adjust to avoid surface damage or prevent gravel from getting kicked up. A wee spray of WD40 (or similar) on the chute and impeller all but ensures no snow clogging.

It’s quiet, too. So you can get on with snow clearing at any time without disgruntling the neighbors.

Product Specifications:

  • Gas powered
  • 254cc engine
  • 24-inch snow clearing path
  • Six forward and two reverse gears
  • 6-quart fuel tank
  • Easy rotate snow chute
  • Electric start

Competent US-built snowblower that pumps out 12.5 foot-pounds of torque to monster any snow you put in its path. The chunky 7-inch wheels provide a strong grip as you wage war on winter snow. 

The dash-mounted chute rotation crank ensures you can dump the snow where you want it with ease. The six forward gears – and two for reverse – make this Ariens blower a breeze to drive whatever is underfoot.

What you will like

It comes in the box pretty much pre-assembled. There’s very little work to do before you can hit the snow. It’s powerful and will clear whatever you point it at without little drama. It will remove a 12-inch snowfall, for instance, with no problems at all. 

You won’t need to purchase snow chains either, as the traction is pretty good. However, you can fit snow chains if you find this snowblower struggling for grip on steep inclines.

Real talk

The auto-steering system is a game-changing innovation. A little pressure in one direction and the snowblower responds. It’s an intuitive system that you will quickly get the hang of in no time.

This snowblower is light on its feet and a load quieter than other gas-drinking snowblowers with which you may be familiar.

This machine is simple to maneuver, and the steps between the gears are well spaced. The trade-off for the lightweight design is a little loss of traction. When faced with a drift, there’s a tendency to ride up rather than plow through. However, overall, none of the shortcomings are a dealbreaker in most eyes.

Product Specifications:

  • Gas-powered
  • 357cc engine
  • Press button start
  • 30-inch snow clearing path
  • Versatile chute setting for direction and pitch
  • Auto-heating grip handles
  • Weight-sensitive auto steering
  • Steel augers
  • Chunky 6.5-inch tires

Do you need power and effortless handling in one package? If so, check out this snow blowing tough guy custom-built for wet and heavy snow. The dependable 357cc engine is a push-button start to getting going as quickly as possible. 

Steel serrated-edge augers will shred snow in one gigantic class-setting 30-inch wide pass. A four-way snow chute is a dawdle to use and ensures you don’t get snow blown back into your face.

What you will like

The snowblower is underwritten by a limited warranty of five years. Operationally, it is self-propelled and fitted with an automatic power steering system. There’s no lack of power at your grip-heated fingertips.

The engine produces around 11 horsepower equivalent—plenty for reducing your troublesome snowfall to a memory. And don’t go looking for a pull cord. There isn’t one. This snowblower is started by plugging it into a standard power outlet—no worries, then, about a flat battery when the snow appears.

Real talk

It’s a good idea to store this snowblower, like others, inside to prevent the auger housing and impellers from freezing up. If you don’t have enough storage room in your garage, always thoroughly clean the impeller and auger housing each time and cover the snowblower with a tarp.

It is a high-performance machine that feels surprisingly light and comfortable to maneuver. Build quality feels good, and it turns on a dime.

Also, everyone raves about the heated grip handles. This feature is a great idea and makes the chore of snow clearing that little bit easier.

If you get a significant amount of snow during the winter, this snow blower will impress. It’s highly unlikely you will regret this purchase.


Will a snowblower work on wet snow?

Yes. The highest power-rated snow blowers can remove even the heaviest of wet snow and slush. You may need more than one pass, however. But, generally speaking, snowblower can shift snow with few problems.

Which are the best snowblower brands?

Please take a look at our 2020 review of great snowblowers for wet snow. We have shortlisted five models from various manufacturers that won’t disappoint.

How many inches of snowfall do I need before I can use my snowblower?

The minimum depth of snowfall recommended by most manufacturers is two inches.


Heavy, wet snow is a real pain. But with the right tool for the task, even this kind of snow need not be an obstacle. Gas or battery-powered, it does not matter; the best wet snow blowers are today more than accomplished in the snow shifting stakes. 

For safety and health reasons, you want a snowblower that can clear snow as efficiently as possible without the threat of a heart attack.

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