Picking the Right Electric Lawn Mower

When you’re looking at electric lawn mowers, it can be easy to get taken in by the sleek design or even the solid brand name. If we’re going to get new equipment, it should at least look good even if it’s not the most cutting-edge model available. 

Going for the most popular brand means you know you’re probably getting a level of quality that won’t leave you regretting your choice. But you want to make sure the reason they’re popular isn’t just the brand and not their performance.

It’s a good idea to drill down, as far as the electric lawn mowers available, and make a truly informed decision.  You’re buying something based on your needs and the item’s capability to meet those needs. You’re looking for a solution to your lawn care problems, and the first step is to define what those needs are properly.

Brands Aren’t Everything

If a model has a brand name that is renowned in the world of lawns and gardens, it’s easy to buy the unit. After all, why would this brand roll out this a lawn mower if they can’t back it up with a long tradition of quality manufacturing, fantastic design, and solid customer service?

That’s an honest question to ask. However, the problem with just buying anything based on brand appeal is that just because a company made its name in one industry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that its success will carry over to another industry.

For example, IBM has a long-established reliable name world when it comes to computers. It used to make amazing personal computers. Now, what if they came up with a blender? Would you jump in with both feet and eagerly buy up a blender because of the IBM brand? Probably not.

You know their field of expertise. You know their core competencies. You do your research before putting your money on the table. And guess what? These usually don’t involve slicing and dicing vegetables or turning fruits and certain vegetables into smoothies.

The same applies to brands involving electric lawn mower models. Just because a brand nailed it down to certain types of chainsaws or of handheld leaf vacuums that doesn’t mean their electric lawn mower offerings still have the same quality. 

The 5 Factors to Consider

Are you with me? Okay, good. Let’s drill down to the five factors you need to pay attention to so you can make a truly informed decision when it comes to buying your next electric lawn mower. 

Power needs

Do you have a large lawn? Is your lawn vulnerable to really pesky weeds that are tough to mow down? Do you have a lot of brush and other plants on your lawn that requires extra care?

You have to consider these factors and determine if they warrant a higher amount of power. In other words, the electric lawn mower you buy should have enough horsepower to be able to handle the toughest weeds that generally appear in your lawn.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a relatively small yard and you are sure that whatever unwanted vegetation that shows up is very easy to handle, it probably would be better to go with a less powerful electric lawn mower unit. You won’t need to overpay for overkill equipment.

Area size

Yet, even if you have a reasonably manageable or low-level difficulty garden, if it’s big enough, you might want to get an electric lawn mower that has more firepower. 

Electric lawn mowers are some of the best lawn mowers for small yards, but their limitations become more pronounced the larger the yard. You have to be able to pick a piece of equipment that would go the distance because you’re trying to cover a reasonably large area.

Storage space

It’s one thing to use a piece of lawn equipment. It’s another to store it away. When you store your tool properly, you’re actually prolonging its life. Always keep this in mind because storage might not be top of mind right now.

But guess what? After you’ve used that piece of lawn care equipment, you’re going to have to put it away. Is the unit that you’re thinking of buying able to fit the current storage space you have at your home? Is there a shed that you have or is there garage space that this piece of equipment can occupy?

Mowing frequency

How often do you need to mow? If you’re not going to be mowing all that much, you probably would be better off with a lower-powered unit.

Battery life

Finally, if you are using a cordless lawn mower, factor in battery life. This is a big deal because it can severely limit your range of motion, as well as your coverage areas.

Even if you are using an electric lawn mower that has a cord, pay attention to how long the cord is. Again, you’re looking for coverage area and versatility.

By factoring in all the five criteria above, you increase the chances that you will be making a truly informed decision the next time you’re in the market for an electric lawn mower.


Considering how easy it is to throw good money after bad, it’s an excellent idea to pay close attention to the five factors above. Accurately define your needs for this type of lawn care equipment. At the very least, don’t give in to the temptation of just buying an item only because it has the “right brand.”

By making an informed decision using objective selection criteria, you increase the chances that you will maximize the amount of value you get for every hard-earned dollar you invest in your electric lawn mower purchase.

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