What’s the Best Time to Get a Snow Blower?

It would be best if you had your snow removing equipment in place before the winter. No-one wants to shovel snow off a driveway when it’s sub-zero outside, and they are running late.

It’s only when the first snowfalls occur that most people think about buying a snowblower. By then, it’s too late. The best time to buy is undoubtedly beforehand. The golden secret is to be prepared well in advance.

You are quite rightly thinking, why spend money on a snowblower to store it in a shed? What a waste of cash!

Well, read on and find out why you are mistaken.

When’s it best to buy snowblowers?

Firstly, you should know that snowblower manufacturers only produce them in limited numbers for a few months of the year. The brands then concentrate on their other product lines.

The best time for buying a snowblower is before stocks run out in the stores, both online and offline.

When you think of it, any power tool company will only produce equipment according to the season. It makes sense.

Snowblowers are manufactured during the early summer and autumn months. In the winter, the focus shifts to other tools such as lawnmowers.

By delaying your snowblower purchase, you are gambling there will be snowblowers left by the time the snow begins to fall. And no one wants to be left in that position.

Even if you strike lucky and find a snowblower still in stock, it may not be suitable for you. When calculating the best time to buy snow blowers, take into account that there are many different types. Not all snowblowers are equal. So take the time to research which will best fit your needs.

Breaking down the timeline for buying a snowblower

Start of spring or the end of winter

These two times are probably the best times to buy snow blowers. The start of spring or the tail end of winter is when you’re most likely to find discounts and offers.

Generally speaking, retailers order machines based on how many units they have been able to sell in the past. And they have sales targets to meet. If they still have snowblowers left unsold by winter’s end, they will be looking to shift them quickly. They don’t want to store old stock until the next snow season. Prices, therefore, get cut in a bid to shift these leftover snowblowers. So prices will be at their lowest point during the year.

The big trade-off involved in spring or winter snowblower shopping is there may not be many models available. In all likelihood, all the best high-end blowers will have been picked off during November and December.

The ones left behind on the shelves will be functional, but you may need to compromise a little if you have a specific model in mind. Plus, as winter is over, you won’t have the opportunity to try it out until next year.


The summertime is the best time to buy a snowblower as no one else is thinking of snow yet. Here’s why.

The brands that make outdoor equipment are firmly focused on grills, lawnmowers, and other power tools. In other words, all the equipment you typically use in summer. At about the same time, though, snowblower manufacturers are rolling out their latest models.

This early-bird approach gives you the scope to look at the new models arriving and compare them to older machines. You can then decide which way to jump while everyone else is bbq-ing.

However, all the summer stock will be front and center. You may have to drill down a little to find all the snowblowers. Plus, you will have to make storage space for the snowblower in the meantime. Apart from these relatively minor negative points, there’s no great disadvantage entailed in buying snowblowers in the summer.

The absolute worst time to buy snow blowers

Without a doubt, the worst possible time to go snowblower shopping is just after a snowstorm weather forecast. You will not be the only person panicking and searching high and low for a good quality but inexpensive snow blower.

If it’s mid-winter, the choice will be already quite limited. And you could end up paying over the odds for a pretty average machine.

Our recommendation is to plan in advance and think of snow in the summer so you can get your hands on all the top snowblower features.

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